Shiv Shikshan Sanstha


The Governing Council of the Shiv Shikshan Sanstha consists of Alumnus of the school, who are professionals and bring their expertise in the developmental as well as the day to day operations of the school. Thus, all the school developmental projects are professionally managed. The fact that these professional alumni work out of social responsibility and not otherwise makes the cause even more effective. Many of the school alumni are holding prestigious posts at renowned organizations or are successful entrepreneurs, professionals, reaching great heights of their career.

Being in education sector and serving the society from past 80 years, the governing council of Shiv Shikshan Sanstha has a vision of becoming the torch bearer in transformation of all Marathi/aided schools with mantra of ‘Lead by Example.’

The guiding principle being followed is ‘Low Cost High Value Education’. The school initiatives and efforts are consistent and aligned to their current demographic challenges. All projects taken by the school are aimed at:

  1. Complementing basic education with employability/entrepreneurship skills to the students who discontinue the education after 10thstandard due to socio-economic constraints.
  2. Reducing the negative impact on students by diverting them to value added education, who might be otherwise heading towards criminality or drugs.