A Pre-Primary school is the most significant stage in a child’s life. It is here that the child learns to interact with the outside world.

Learning happens in the form of play and fun and slowly the child starts loving the very concept of school.

In our Pre-primary School, we observe the children, acquaint them with basic mannerisms, food habits and personal skills, groom them to be independent and even teach them to strike a healthy conversation.

The capacities or the learning abilities of a child are accessed to motivate him accordingly. This step is to mould them for a formal education in the future. The Pre-Primary School has around 29 students in each class with one teacher and one assistant.

The Pre-Primary section has spacious, well-ventilated, child – friendly classrooms with colourful tables and chairs for the students.

The blackboards are at the level of the children so that they can learn and also practice easily. Various learning aids are also available for the children.

The section also has good collection of books, which are shared with the children to familiarise them with observe and eventually read.

There is a provision of First Aid in the school. The school also has clean toilets and purified drinking water facility.

Since the Pre-Primary section is full of play-based learning, various activities are undertaken throughout the year.

Functions like Dahi Handi, Navratri, Diwali, Birthdays etc are celebrated in the school hall in a big way.

Parents Enrichment Programmes are conducted twice a year to appraise the parents on the proceedings of the year and how they can contribute positively for the same.

The teachers are well-qualified and experienced to help the children to learn and grow. In the Nursery and Junior KG, teachers use both English and Marathi language to explain the concepts and instructions.

Kids are trained in the following skills:

  1. Fine Motor Skills: Lacing, Beading, Colouring, Kneading, Sand paper writing, sorting of grain, blocks etc.
  2. Gross Motor Skills: Physical exercise and Group games.
  3. Social/ Emotional Skills: Skits ,Role Play, Puppet shows, Stories etc. for developing  sensitivity  towards others ,Respect and Love for Elders  etc.
  4. Language Skills: Listening, Recognition, Phonics, Reading, Recitation, Story Telling Competition, Patterning and Writing.
  5. Mathematical Skills: Recognition of Numbers ,Values , Concepts of Big/Small, Far/Near ,Up/Down, Above/Below, Hug/Tiny, Colours and Shapes. Thick/Thin, One/Many, Sequencing, Patterning etc.
  6. Environmental and Personal Skills: Myself- Parts of the Body, Uses, Cleanliness, Family, School helpers, Personal Safety, Animals, Birds, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, and Vehicles etc.
  7. Craft/Art/Creative skills: Colouring, Drawing, Memory Drawing, Paper learning, Crumpling, Paint Work, Hand Prints, Finger painting, Textural painting, Sticking, Collage work, Paper folding etc.
  8. Music: Songs, Rhymes, Introduction to Sa, Re, Ga, Ma …….
  9. Health: Check-up by Dentist, Voluntary Administration of Swarna Prash.

All concepts are practiced not only through work book and note books but also through sample worksheets.

Assessment of the students is done through continuous observation. Children are observed for their ability to follow instructions and reproduce the same. Apart from this, worksheet based evaluations are also done twice a year.

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Smt. Akshada J . Mukadam Supervisor S.S.C. D.Ed.
2 Smt. Anjali A. Kirtane Part Time Teacher B.A. Montesary Course
3 Smt. Dipti D. Dhavale Part Time Teacher H.S.C. Montesary Course
4 Smt. Sushama S. Mangale Part Time Teacher H.S.C. Montesary Course
5 Smt. Geeta G. Kore Part Time Teacher S.S.C. Montesary Course
6 Smt. Suman Mohite Asst. Teacher S.S.C. Montesary Course
7 Smt. Ichchha Shisode Temp Part Time Teacher B.A. Montesary Course (Marathi & English)
8 Smt. Alka B. Jagdale Part Time Aaya-Peon Passed 7th Std.
9 Smt. Pratibha P. Kolhatkar Part Time Aaya-Peon Passed 9th Std.
10 Smt. Vimal D. Phatak Part Time Aaya-Peon S.S.C.
11 Smt. Vaibhavi V. Tawade Part Time Aaya-Peon Passed 8th Std.
12 Smt. Vidya Mane Full Time Aaya-Peon Passed 8th Std.