The Primary school is the first step of a student towards formal education. The progression from Pre-primary to Class 1 is particularly handled with utmost care in order to ensure smooth transition. The Primary school works towards innovatively inspiring the students and helping them develop motivated attitude towards learning. The teaching-learning process is made innovative to hold the students interest. Transparency in this process is kept by keeping the parent community involved in the educational and other activities.

Primary school provides E-learning facilities to the students through Educomp Smart Classrooms. The school has excellent Library and Sports facilities for the students. Library period is allotted in the time table in order to ensure that the students are well-read and proficient in reading abilities. The Library collection is updated regularly every year after taking into consideration the reading interests of the students and the corresponding newer books available in the market.

A special Physical Training teacher ensures the healthy physical development of the children – including creating interests in daily exercises to coaching them to compete in inter school sports events.

The school conducts Annual Sports Meet at the nearest ground. Special P.T. Teacher has been appointed for the students.

Students Participate in various interschool and ward level competitions. Std. III students appear for the Maharashtra Pradnya Shodh Pariksha (M.P.S.P.) Std. IV students appear for the Middle School Scholarship Examination. Extra classes are conducted by the teachers to guide, train and prepare the students for the competitive exam and competitions.

The Educomp Smart Classrooms are used for the regular learning process thereby making learning interesting. Classes are planned before hand and active student participation is ensured. Students are assessed as per the C.C.E. pattern i.e. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation throughout year. In that various activities, practicals, projects, orals and written exams are conducted. 2 Unit Tests and 2 Semester Exams are held during the academic year.

Teachers conduct extra Remedial classes for the students those who are weak in studies. Teachers also guide the students for the various competitions at the school level.

Sr. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Mrs. Shravani Manoj Shetye Head Mistress H.S.C., D.Ed
2 Ms. Sanjivani Harishchandra Mohite Assistant Teacher H.S.C., D.Ed
3 Ms. Christina Mallesh Assistant Teacher M.A., D.Ed.
4 Ms. Reshma Dhanaji Thale Assistant Teacher H.S.C., D.Ed
5 Mrs. Anita L. Kahar Assistant Teacher B.A., D.Ed.
6 Ms. Selin Selvaraj Assistant Teacher H.S.C., D.Ed.
7 Ms. Komal K. Patil Assistant Teacher H.S.C., D.Ed. (Mar)
8 Mrs. Sanjana S. Chalke handicraft & Work Exp. Teacher H.S.C., D.Ed. (Mar) / Teacher in Hand craft & Work Exp.
9 Ms. Swapna S. Chavan Assistant Teacher E.C.C.Ed
10 Ms. Jayalaxmi Nadar Assistant Teacher B.A., B.Ed.
11 Mr. Swapnil S. Kothekar Music Teacher B.A. Music
12 Mr. Ganpat S. Raul P.T. Teacher B.A., B.P.Ed
13 Mrs.Siddhi Shrikant Naik Clerk B.A.
14 Mr. Anant Mahadeo Mhatre Peon IX
15 Mr. Tatyasaheb Subhedar Mane Peon IV