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Shiv Shikshan Sanstha’s D.S. High School, originally named ‘Sion English School’ began its incredible journey by way of a humble beginning in the year 1939. This year (2014-2015) is the 75th Anniversary year of this institution.

Established with the sole purpose of making quality education available easily to the privileged and the under privileged locals equally, the school, the students and the teachers have gathered many accolades and  awards for various accomplishments. It was in the year 1946 that Shri Dharmaprakash Srinivasayya, the owner of Mysore Soap Factory contributed heavily to the development of the School at the current location. In respect to his generosity, the school was renamed as Dharmaprakash Srinivasayya High School (D. S. High School).

Those were the days when there was no school in the entire Sion, Dharavi, Kurla, Chunabhatti and Matunga localities. Children from these areas had to go to Dadar to attend school. One day, a school girl lost her life after being hit by a truck near Sion station, while on her way to school. This accident brought home the implications of non-availability of schooling facilities in such a big premise of Mumbai. Moved by this incident, a few old, renowned residents of Sion, Late Shri Babasaheb Deshpande, Late Shri Annasaheb Navare, Late Shri Dhavale and Late Shri Raosaheb Dalvi decided to start a school in Sion. Thus came to existence, Sion English School in the 2 rooms of Shri Jogalekar at Laxmi Baug, Sion with one student and one teacher Shri M D. Kulkarni sir. By the end of that academic year, the school had 16 students.

The school which began with just 1 student, today has nearly 3500 students studying in its various sections. Many of the alumni are holding prestigious posts at renowned organizations or are successful entrepreneurs, professionals reaching great heights of their career due to the lessons of sincerity and discipline they received in their early young age. Hence, it was indeed a welcome and glorious moment for the Sanstha and all people associated with the school when D. S. High School was declared as ‘Discipline School’ not just in Mumbai, but in the whole of Maharashtra State.

The school has till date retained its culture of discipline, hard work and has also blended it with the latest technological update, thereby ensuring that the students are at par with their counterparts in various other schools across the state. The classrooms are equipped with facilities of smart learning with the help of Educomp technologies and dedicated teachers ensure that knowledge is imparted in an effective manner. The efforts of the management and the teachers are reflected regularly in the impressive results of the S S C Board examinations and also various other competitive exams which most of the students clear with flying colours.

In the age of competition today, there is an ever increasing demand for English Language and English as the prime medium of education. Number of students enrolling in Marathi medium schools have been reducing drastically. In spite of this adverse situation, the student enrollment rate at the D. S. High School has not been affected adversely. The unique features of the school and the commitment and dedication of the teachers and management has always encouraged the parents.

One unique feature of this school is that it is a definite example of  democracy – the rule of the people, for the people and by the people. Here, 99% of the Governing Council consists of Alumni of the school who are whole heartedly involved in the developmental as well as the day to day activities of the school – making it a school run by the ex students for the current and future students. The fact that these Alumni work out of Social responsibility and not otherwise makes the cause all the more effective.